Küppersbusch induction hob-level extractor units are both cooking zone and extractor fan in one! This is an especially effective form of hob ventilation, as grease and steam are extracted directly at the source and are not carried through the room. 


Another bonus is that you don’t need a separate extractor fan above your cooker, mean­ing you have more freedom when designing your kitchen. You can even install your cooker below a window. When using the hob­level extractor, you will need to insert the ventilation grid (provided). When you have finished using the extractor, you can close it again with its glass insert.


The surface of the Küppersbusch induction hob-level extractor KMI 9800.0 is refined with the SCHOTT CERAN® Miradur™ coating.


Through this patented, particularly resistant surface, the hob is permanently protected against scratches, because the surface hardness improved from 6 to approximately 9.5 on the Moh’s hardness scale when compared to conventio­nal glass ceramic hobs.

SCHOTT CERAN® Miradur™ does not only reduce the si­gns of usage through cleaning and cooking, but rather it also guarantees that the hob looks like new for many years.

The metallic look for this surface gives the hob a fascinating look.

KMI 9800.0
KMI 8500.0 Illustration with ventilation grid

In addition to the two 90 and 80 cm long induction hob-level extractors KMI 9800.0 and KMI 8500.0, Küppersbusch also provides the perfect solution for VarioLine:


The just 14 cm wide hob-level extractor VKM 1800.0 can be installed between the VarioLine hobs VKI 3805.0 and VKIW 3800.0.

VKI 3805.0 + VKM 1800.0 + VKIW 3800.0


  • Quick cleaning of the metal grease filter – simply lift it up and place it in your dish­washer.
  • Easy adjustment of the self­explanatory ventilation controls, which are separate from the hob controls.
  • Easy installation – one appliance, one cut into your work surface, one connection for two functions!
  • Low operating noise thanks to the es­pecially silent ventilation system inside the base.

Ventilation grids in the individual concept.

Ventilation grid in the individual concept. Individualise your induction hob-level extractor. Fitting to the ovens, compact appliances, hoods, etc., designs in stainless steel, black chrome, silver chrome, Gold, black velvet, copper and hot chilli are also possible as special orders (price and delivery time on request).


The flex extraction air module can be integrated in the back of the bottom unit so that it is not visible to save on space. The set contains flexible components and a powerful fan, which is installed in the base.

IDEAL CLIMATE FOR YOUR HEALTH - the PlasmaMade filter induction hobs with integrated cooktop extractor

PlasmaMade is an innovative air filter based on plasma technology to ensure a healthy indoor climate. Among other things, the filter removes odours, bacteria, viruses, grease and minute particles from the air.


Indoor climates are frequently seriously pollu­ted with substances such as bacteria, mould and viruses. The air­cleaning action deactivates these substances, thus reducing the likelihood of bacteria and viruses being spread.



A clean solution for allergy sufferers! Plasma­Made filters pollen, house dust and other aller­gens out of the air. House dust mite will be de ­activated. Of interest for cat and dog lovers: the filter also effectively removes pet hair and skin flakes.



Unpleasant smells such as cooking vapours, cigarette smoke and the smell of pets are a thing of the past. PlasmaMade technology bre­aks down the smells immediately, making sure the room stays fresh. The PlasmaMade Airfilter generates negative oxygen ions. The emission of the PlasmaMade Airfilter has a refreshing and concentration improving effect on both body and mind.

Combination of four techniques:


1.  PlasmaMade Airfilter plasma technology:
The PlasmaMade plasma generator makes sure ionized plasma (O3) is abstracted from the O2 - ­groups in the air. Besides H2O groups are split in a positive hydrogen ion and a negative oxygen ion, also referred to as ionization.


2.  Fiberglass nano filter electrically charged: 
The fiberglass mat makes sure that conta­minations are caught in the nano fiberglass filter. The nano fiberglass filter is being elec­trostatically charged by the electrostatic filter.


3.  Electrostatic filter, consisting of 2 metal cores:
The two electrostatic cores make sure that contaminations, contained in the nano fiber­ glass mat by electrostatic discharge (also referred to as esd), are eliminated.


4.  Active carbon filter:
the carbon fi lter makes sure that any re­leased O3 (ozone) ab, wodurch nur O2 (oxygen), CO(carbon dioxide) und H2O (water) remain. The present OH groups abstract the hydrogen molecule (H) from the protection of the bacteria, deactivating smells, molds, bacteria, viruses, etc.



Arguments to convince you

  • Can be simply installed later on in almost any cooker hood suitable for circulation air.
  • Self-cleaning filter extremely low on maintenance.
  • Maximum efficiency.
  • Audible reduction in noise generation.
  • Economical in consumption.
  •  Long life period. A self-cleaning filter which will last you upto 15 years.
  • Completely natural, converts any type of air pollution to clean air.
  • Certified technology.