Christmas Tomato Soup

Category: Starter / Tapas




  1. Wash the fresh tomatoes, remove the stems and cut into large pieces.

  2. Peel and finely dice the onions and garlic.

  3. Put a pot on the hob and heat on high. Add some oil and sweat the onions and garlic in it.

  4. Add the fresh tomatoes, tomatoes from the can with the juice and water. Simmer for a few minutes. Mix with a stick blender until it reaches the desired consistency. Then season to taste with the spices.

  5. To serve, pour some of the soup into a soup bowl or soup plate and garnish with selfmade noodles. Serve immediately.


Tip: This goes very well with baguette.



Ingredients (for 4 servings):

For the soup:

2 red onions

8 fresh tomatoes

Approx. 500 g canned tomatoes

1 clove garlic

200 ml cream

3 tsp. salt

1 dash sugar

250 ml water


For garnishing:

selfmade noodles


Appliance: Hob


Nutritional information

Carbohydrates 52 g

Protein 21 g

Fat 75 g


Calories / bread units

Recipe 993 kcal

Portion 248 kcal

Portion 1.1 BU