New Induction Hobs by Küppersbusch: Extremely Robust and with New Controls its "Shade of Grey" Product Line

Küppersbusch is presenting two new hobs with extremely robust surfaces at the area30 trade fair in Löhne. The patented SCHOTT CERAN® Miradur™ coating permanently protects the hobs against scratching. As a result, the hardness level of the surface was improved from 6 to approx. 9.5 on the Mohs` hardness scale in a comparison with standard glass ceramic hobs.

One Grey – Endless Possibilities: Küppersbusch Further Expands its "Shade of Grey" Product Line

When Küppersbusch dedicates a new line of appliances to one colour, this colour must really be extra special. Extra versatile, extra timeless, extra compatible with the design standard of the company in Gelsenkirchen. “Shade of Grey” meets all these requirements.

Mix and Match: Maximum Design Freedom for Kitchen Planners and Customers

Küppersbusch customers can now not only personalise the design of their built-in appliances; they are also completely free in their choice of model and can combine appliances from the different product worlds of Comfort+, Premium+ and Profession+.