Product designer Marcus Keichel about his work for Küppersbusch




After  many  years  of  successful  collaboration,  we are saying good-bye to our product designer: thank you, Klaus Keichel, for 40 years of excellent design – and thank you for the worthy successor, Marcus Keichel.


Klaus Keichel was responsible for the design of Küppersbusch appliances for more than 4 decades. Instead of going for zeitgeist, he always favoured timelessness. With his sober, clear design language, he created products that have a high degree of recognisability, and he has earned over 60 awards for them. These include the most prestigious prizes that can be won in Germany and a number of international awards, too.

Marketing Director Andrea Heiner-Kruckas with Klaus Keichel
Küppersbusch Designer Marcus Keichel

Saying farewell to such an outstanding designer is hard. Nonetheless, we are also glad our Marketing &  Product Director, Andrea Heiner-Kruckas, has been able to recruit Marcus Keichel, who does in fact have his own style, yet a similar approach to design as his father. Andrea Heiner-Kruckas: “Our company has always stood for first class design, a unique style and individuality, and we have produced many design classics over the years. Marcus Keichel is precisely the right man to continue this tradition into the future.”


In  his  career  to  date,  Marcus  Keichel  has  already  created  many  products  that  are  beyond fashion’s mood swings and therefore have lasting validity. He has, for example, designed stools and chairs for renowned international manufacturers. They are already regarded as classics of tomorrow and have received several awards. The main reason for him to step into his father’s shoes: “Apart from the fact that Küppersbusch is a company steeped in tradition and that the task as such is a challenge, it simply feels natural to continue the work my father built up over the past decades.” 


We, at any rate, are looking forward to many more years of Keichel design.

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