Küppersbusch Individual Plus

Upgrade your kitchen

The new colour and material combinations in the Individual Concept.


The new unique design concept was introduced in 2013 and enables the customisation of built-in kitchen appliances by the selection of different coloured handles and stripes. due to the positive response, additional colour and material combinations are now being added to the Individual Concept. Consequently, Küppersbusch is reacting to current trends in the kitchen furniture industry in 2015 by presenting bar handles and visible panels in Black Velvet and silver Chrome with wood, stone, gold and copper inlays and inlays embellished with Swarovski® crystals in addition to the “Copper” and “Hot Chili” options introduced in 2014.


Based on the motto “upgrade your kitchen”, in addition to the designs in stainless steel, Black Chrome, silver Chrome, Gold and Black Velvet, customers can now also order the new design kits with different inserts or in a bicolour design and thus perfectly match their built-in appliances to their kitchen furniture.


Even existing Küppersbusch built-in appliances can be upgraded with the new Individual kits: for all ConceptLine® appliances as well as the Black Velvet/silver Chrome designs, the handles can be easily switched out for the new designs.

Design Silver Chrome + Holz
Design Black Velvet + Holz