Norbert Kirchmair, Technical Support Küppersbusch

Küppersbusch is a guarantee of quality with its DIN ISO 9001 quality management system, providing customers with the added value the company has set itself as a target.


Clear, structured processes and defined responsibilities make the quality management system a vital component of integrated management – custom-made especially for a company and thus focusing on customer satisfaction. Besides, the requirement of the standard is the basis for a learning, consistently improving company, with sustained development being the basis for enhancing customer satisfaction and guaranteeing a company’s own future.


One extremely important topic, especially in the customer service, is quality. Norbert Kirchmair is one who really knows what it is about.

He has been working in customer service since 1978, so that makes 37 years. During this time, he worked as a sales force technician for more than 20 years and had lots of contact with the customers. For 16 years now, he has been working in the “Technical Support” department and is in charge of the education and training of new technicians.


All technician appointments contribute to improving the quality of the Küppersbusch products. By direct contact with the end users, we are given unfiltered feedback on our household appliances. We regularly pass on this important information to the product management and production departments.

The quality lab

Küppersbusch has its own quality lab to ensure that all its products meet the standards and requirements of a premium brand. Below are only three examples from the comprehensive area of responsibility:


The induction hob test and heat measurement: the lab tests the performance of the hob with difference cookware so that best results can be achieved with all the pots and pans on the market. The heating-up times, the flatness of the surfaces and the impermeability of the worktop are also tested in order to guarantee that only quality of the highest standard leaves the company.


The electronic test: the check includes control precision, the heating-up time and heat distribution.


The test kitchen: our in-house test kitchen carries out extensive baking and cooking tests to make dishes taste even better. The recipes tested are available on the Küppersbusch website.