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shanGhai FlaGshiP studio

On 30 May 2014, the two long-established German companies Poggenpohl and Küppersbusch opened their first joint studio in the Chinese metropolis shanghai. Together with the well-known Chinese actress angelababy, the managers welcomed the many high-ranking guests to the gala evening and presented an impressive kitchen showroom on an exhibition area of 2,800 sq m. An elaborate entertainment programme, an exclusive performance by Chinese singer sunnan as well as many culinary delights prepared by Michelin-starred chef Franckelie laloum from Paris made for a suitably glamorous evening.


Architecturally speaking, the studio is also a masterpiece. First-class design concepts and functional kitchen solutions in an extraordinary building make the new studio in shanghai a genuine highlight – also for Küppersbusch. It is always an honour for us to be given the opportunity to present our innovative products in an equally innovative environment.

Chalet vineyard eiChenstein, Merano

Eichenstein is a little patch of paradise, located in breathtaking surroundings in Montefranco above Merano at an altitude of 550 metres. Protected in the north by the towering mountain range Texel
Group, it offers a wide view across the Adige Valley in the south, where wine thrives.


But not just wine thrives here, but mankind, too. The highlight on Eichenstein is the chalet, situated in a uniquely tranquil location at the heart of the vineyard. It boasts stylish furnishings, a breath taking view over the Merano Adige Valley and the surrounding mountains, an infinity pool and peace, open  landscape and wine-filled nature! A dream spot. The luxury chalet is exclusively equipped with Küppersbusch products – of course also with a wine fridge.

river Cruise shiPs aMastella and aMaviola, netherlands

AmaStella and AmaViola are certainly among the most modern river cruise ships in the world. This includes everything from the design of the ships themselves down to the offers below deck.


So, naturally, the restaurant menu is exquisite, too. Whether you go for a gourmet dinner with select wines or for a captain’s dinner with just a few fellow diners – there is something for everyone. All kitchens on board are equipped with quality Küppersbusch appliances, which more than comply with the safety regulations for ships’ kitchens. The heart of the two ships is the kitchen on the captain’s deck. Here, a select number of lucky guests are invited to cook together and then join the captain for dinner. The kitchen experience alone is sure to be an unforgettable highlight, because the equipment and appliances on-board these ships are truly cutting-edge.

livinG BeloW BeeCh trees: FranKFurt

In 2016, on the outskirts of Frankfurt – on a park-like piece of land surrounded by old beech trees – a young family built their dream house in a contemporary style. The kitchen with open-plan dining area is the communicative heart of the house. Accessible from two sides, the kitchen and dining area can be opened up to or separated from the living-room with sliding doors.

With its handle-less design, the white kitchen fits in perfectly with the purist style of the house. For their built-in Küppersbusch appliances, they chose the Black Velvet line. And they decided to get everything you need for limitless kitchen fun – an oven, combined steam oven, automated coffee machine, compact TV above a 90-cm wide induction hob, integrated fridge and freezer plus dishwasher... But that’s not all! As real wine connoisseurs, they also needed a wine fridge. So they chose to splash out on 5 Küppersbusch wine fridges, each with a capacity of 99 bottles, which are now located in their wine cellar.