For real cooking fans

In 2013, Küppersbusch presented its top-class Meisterstück. A gourmet centre which not only does justice to the demands of ambitious amateur cooks; it is also highly recognised by professional chefs.


“The monolithic presence of the cooking centre attracts everyone’s attention, making it a compact centre point in a kitchen. This is the reason given by the jury when it distinguished the Küppersbusch Meisterstück with the Red Dot Design Award in July 2013.


Individuality is a feeling. And a lot of handwork, too. Handwork is art, and each item is an original in the factory producing the Meisterstück in Gelsenkirchen. Thorough quality controls are carried out in each production section. No Meisterstück leaves the factory – with a certificate of quality for its new owner – until the masters feel that even the tiniest detail is perfect.

The new modular Meisterstück

The Küppersbusch Meisterstück offers a brand-new concept for integrated cooking islands. For one Meisterstück, specialists process more than 260 kg stainless steel and around 300 individual parts in about 150 hours of work. With a width of 217 cm and a depth of 70 cm, the Meisterstück is the focal point of every kitchen. To ensure these dimensions don’t pose a problem for delivery, Küppersbusch has enhanced the cooking centre and now offers it in modules: one 90 cm and two 60 cm wide individual modules as well as the work surface. You will find more information in the “Meisterstück” brochure, simply order via e-mail:

Dialogue between the generations: The Meisterstück Comfort+ next to its predecessor from the end of the 19th century. Design, size and technology have changed. The high standards for the unique quality of the handcrafted Meisterstück are still upheld today.