Küppersbusch cooling appliances: cool and elegantly beautiful

Anyone who buys only best-quality food will also know how important proper storage is. Appliances with various cooling zones meet the requirements of different products, making them especially convenient. Küppersbusch cooling appliances are equipped with the latest technologies which guarantee optimal storage conditions at all times. Fresh fruit, delicate meat or select wines: everything is ideally stored in a Küppersbusch.

Cool drinks at any time

With the Küppersbusch American-style fridge-freezers this is no longer a problem. One model has a modern refreshment centre for the preparation of ice cubes, crushed ice and ice-cool water.

Everything perfectly chilled

Various temperature zones ensure that your food is perfectly stored. The 0° C keep-fresh cooling zone is a guarantee of maximum quality preservation. At a humidity level of 95 %, food will stay fresh for up to three times longer and will retain its colour. No-frost technology in the freezer keeps temperatures at -18° C and lower.

Generous in space – economical in consumption

Powerful compressors and highly effective vacuum insulation reduce the consumption of electricity by up to 45 % less than the consumption of customary fridges and freezers. Rated energy efficiency A – and thus far more economical in terms of energy consumption than their American counterparts. Küppersbusch free-standing fridge-freezers all have very low vibration levels, making them especially quiet.