• An expression of personality

    Your choice of hob is a reflection of your own preferences. Do you value culinary discoveries cooked to perfection? Do you love generous amounts of space and do you like juggling around with pots and pans? Or are you a multitalent in the kitchen, one of those who amazes their guests with a variety of food preparation methods? Whatever may count for you, Küppersbusch will help you find a suitable model or the ideal appliance combination. For one thing is certain: Küppersbusch hobs combine energy-saving technology and innovative control concepts, wrapped up in first-class design.

  • Gas: inspired by the professionals

    It is not only professional cooks who are on fire when it comes to cooking with gas. The energy, which is just as economical as it is ecological, is perfectly suited to modern kitchens. Gas ensures precise, quick cooking on an open flame with exact and quick-reactive temperature controls. Pioneering design combined with the state-of-the-art technology. Professional and convenient controls are combined with the highest of safety standards. And, naturally, the lifelong experience of Küppersbusch in the professional catering equipment line of business also flows into all of the gas appliances.

  • Electric: classically good

    Anyone who wants to let experience decide and rely on the tried and tested will turn to Küppersbusch ökospeed-plus hobs. The sophisticated elements ensure that the heat-up time takes only a matter of seconds, resulting in a quick supply of heat. Thus, besides heating up quickly, valuable energy is also saved.

  • Induction: fast, reliable, economical and precise

    Induction can be used more precisely than any other kind of energy – it is extremely fast, can be controlled perfectly, saves energy and is safe. The secret of induction cooking: energy is only transmitted to where cookware with a ferrous base has been placed on a cooking zone. This generation of energy direct on the base of the pan ensures extremely short heating up times for food and low energy consumption. And since the cooking zone itself doesn’t get hot, nothing can burn on.

Questions you should ask yourself before making a purchase

before you decide on which hob to buy, you should have some thoughts about the situation in your kitchen and about your cooking habits. The questions on this double page clearly show you what is important and will help you make your choice.

How many cooking zones do I regularly need?

Do you cook just for yourself or for a big family? Sooner a simple meal than a varied menu? The number of pots you use regularly will depend on this, so you should choose the corresponding number of cooking zones. And of course this also depends on how wide your hob is.

Round or square cooking zones? And why this question?

Cooking zones are round! Not necessarily. Küppersbusch offers a number of „square“ hobs with Vario and full-surface induction so you can use the pot of your choice. Ideal if you want to be flexible in what you keep in your cookware unit and if you like using large roasters and pans now and then.

The cooking zones can be used as usual, and there is also the option of activating the two rectangular cooking zones together and setting them with a single control operation. Pots of different sizes and particularly large roasters are no problem.

Full-surface induction
Full-surface induction makes it possible to adapt the size of a cooking zone to your individual needs. The cooking zones are used like they usually are for small pots. For bigger pots or a roaster, each front cooking zone can be combined with the cooking zone behind it or all four cooking zones can be activated together as one large surface.

Pressing, swiping, turning. What‘s best for me?

Touch control
Touching the sensor pad lightly is sufficient to switch on the respective cooking zone. Besides operating the cooking settings, the easy-to-handle sensor pads are also used for controlling all other functions.

A light touch on the relevant wedge-shaped control graphic selects the desired zone. Moving your finger up and down the graduated scale adjusts the power level.

The cooking zones are set centrally with an intuitive control unit. First of all, the cooking zone of your choice is activated, and then the required power setting is made with a circling clockwise movement on the control unit.

Which frame design is right for me?

Stainless steel frame
Two elegant stainless steel strips surround the hob at the front and back. Hobs with this type of frame can be combined with a VarioLine connecting strip.

Bevelled edge
A flattened glass edge surrounds the whole hob to give it a sophisticated look. Without any sharp edges and corners.

Flush installation
The hob is sunk down into the worktop to give an even surface. Absolute benefit: easy cleaning.

Innovative with a passion for detail – our induction hobs

Many professional cooking innovations and product fea­tures distinguish these induction hobs. Of an unconditio­nal standard and perfect in their functions, they meet the highest demands. Cooking like the professionals thanks to first­class additional features such as the chef function and pre­definit special levels.



Clever technical details and features are perfect for supporting and enriching the work you do in the kitchen. With their extremely high standard in terms of function and quality, these induction hobs are the ideal equipment for sophisti­cated kitchens. The öko­Power and bridging function adds to the benefits in your kitchen.



Comfort+ induction hobs provide you with a lot of convenience and many practical features. Easy handling and clear functions give you all the freedom you need in your passion for cooking and meet our high standards. Convenient features such as the holiday shut­down device or the keep­ing­-warm level are an absolute must for your high stand­ards so they have been included in all the Küppersbusch induction hobs.

VarioLine invites you to combine

The VarioLine concept is ideal for those who prefer to put an individual menu together themselves. Top quality individual elements can be combined to create a unique cooking and working area. Induction, gas, lava  stone  grill or a combination of all of these – the possibilities are almost unlimited. The ultra-slim design of all the hob units is precisely matched, so that the different modules always result in a uniform and, more than anything else, extremely elegant combination. Here is a selection of possible models. be creative!!


Küppersbusch gas hob GMS 9751.0E

Outstanding design

Nobody is a born winner. We have to fight for this status. Using particularly creative ideas, unusual designs and perfectly functional implementation. This has been really successful in our 90 cm gas hob GMS 9751.0 with its unique look. Unpretentious and classy in a wonderfully streamlined stainless steel design. The reddot design award judges were also enthusiastic. Feature of this hob: its flush installation. This involves the hob being let down into the worktop until the surface is level. No edges to prevent smooth cleaning. And also available as a classical attachment option. Our  reddot  winner  shows us quite impressively that gas hobs can be much better looking than they are reputed to be. The Küppersbusch range includes other attractive models in a sophisticated stainless steel design or in elegant glass ceramic. The use of high-quality  materials  in  combination  with  a  unique  design
make our gas hobs absolute eye-catchers in your kitchen.


Read more about the Küppersbusch design awards

Advantages of our gas hobs:

  • Easy to operate with an integrated rapid-action spark ignition system operated by simply pushing and turning
  • Different burner sizes with different levels of burner power for convenience
  • The removable saucepan supports are easy to clean in the dishwasher (depending on the model)
  • Safety thanks to an automatic gas cut-off function if the gas flame is unintentionally extinguished
  • Efficient and environmentally friendly since gas is a primary source of energy and conversion processes do not result in any pollutants




90 cm – also available as 70 cm model
90 cm

One appliance, two uses

The new induction hob with integrated cooktop extractor is a combined hob and cooker hood! Since fat and vapours are extracted direct at the hob, they do not drift as far into the kitchen, guaranteeing a more pleasant indoor climate. No separate cooker hood also means more freedom when planning a kitchen.


Advantages of our induction downdraft extractor:

  • Quick cleaning of the metal grease filter, which is removed from the top, in the dishwasher
  • Easy handling of the self-explanatory, central, yet separately operated control unit  for the hob and the steam extractor
  • Easy installation – a single appliance, one cutout in the worktop, one connection for double use
  • Little noise during operation thanks to the installation of a particularly quiet ventilation system in the base or in the unit below the hob




Cooking in the front row

Be inspired by the freedom provided by the EKI 9940.1 induction hob. The cooking zones are arranged next to one another and not behind one another on a 91-cm wide and only 41-cm deep area. This structures the top of the hob. You no longer need to reach over steaming pots and squirting pans. Another advantage is the space you gain on the worktop. Ideal for planning island cookers.

Without pots and pans

Frying direct on the hob. Not possible?! It is, with the new ETIF 6740.1 induction griddle with four grilling zones. The zones can be joined to form two zones with a bridging function. The hard-chromium  plated, multilayer griddle is extremely robust and easy to clean. Three predefined special settings ensure that the temperature is ideal for cleaning (approx. 120° c) and for preparing fish (approx. 150° c) and meat (approx. 180° c). The hob is intended for flush installation. It forms a level surface with the worktop. This looks good and very sophisticated, and it also makes the hob easier to clean.

Individual cooking enjoyment

Cooking has seldom been as enjoyable and as practical as it is today with our unique honeycomb hobs. An exceptional design and a high degree of flexibility mean the greatest possible individuality. Ideal hob design, optimal space utilisation and quick, easy cleaning are all combined. You have plenty of personal freedom when it comes to arranging the individual honeycombs. simply put them together according to your own personal wishes.